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Direct Care Training Level II

Summer Applications Are Open!

Registration is open until August 9, 2024!

*Virtual seats are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Who Should Attend: Only Direct Care Workers (DCWs) who have successfully completed Level 1 of our DCW Training are eligible to register for Level 2 classes.

Admission criteria:

  1. Age of 16 years or greater
  2. Eligible to work in the United States
  3. Access to computer and internet for virtual training


We would like to advise interested participants that:

  1. No high school diploma or equivalency is required
  2. While we do not require proof of English language proficiency, all programming is currently offered only in English, including written materials.

Course Description: MDHHS adopted 15 standardized DCW Competency guidelines in 2022, paving the way for recognizing competent DCWs as professionals. The FREE VIRTUAL classes are for Level 2 DCWs, leading to a Direct Care Associate certificate.

Classes Available: Tuesdays & Thursdays (August 13-September 19) and Thursdays (August 15 - September 19)

Class Schedule

Training Highlights:

training highlight icons: collegial setting; competency-based; real-time virtual; instructor-led; comprehensive curriculum.

  • Competency-based: Upon completion of the training, the student can demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to perform the role.
  • Instructor-led: the training classes are led by a trainer who has completed the IMPART Alliance Train-the-Trainer program. Instructors demonstrate continuing competency to provide instruction, work with adult students, and knowledge regarding the direct care field.
  • Real-time Virtual: the training classes are offered to students at synchronous times, delivered via a web conferencing platform (Zoom).
  • Collegial, virtual setting: Taking classes with other direct care workers offers the chance to work together on class activities and learn from one another’s experiences.
  • Curriculum: Developed using relevant, current, best practice recommendations and IMPART Alliance’s understanding of direct care workers’ unique learning needs. Our curriculum is comprehensive and prides itself on including all the complex knowledge and skills necessary in a way that is accessible and meaningful for students of all experiences.

Funding: This project is supported by grants to MSU IMPART Alliance, administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; one through FY23 General Funds and one through American Rescue Plan Act/Home and Community Based Services Spending Plan funds.

Ready to Apply?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMPART Alliance recognizes the impact supportive employers have on training outcomes. Interested employers can support their employees to sign up for classes offered by IMPART Alliance or support an expert DCW from their organization to complete our Train-the-Trainer course.

Participants in our courses will be issued a certificate of completion from IMPART Alliance after successfully completing the courses at each level.

All our trainings offer the opportunity for interactive learning activities for professionals to develop their knowledge and skills.
IMPART Alliance offers a Train-the-Trainer course, becoming an IMPART Alliance DCW trainer is an opportunity for experienced professionals with a passion for teaching to champion direct care. Applicants to this course are requested to share their experience in direct care work and approach to training, admission is contingent on availability.
Courses are designed with DCWs of all types in mind. Our curriculum covers information DCWs need in every setting working with adults.

Yes. DCWs with any type of previous training, credentials, or experience are welcome in the course. Our trainings are designed with stackable certificates, with the opportunity to select only the certification(s) of interest. For example, CNAs without training or experience in the instrumental activities of daily living might wish to take the level 3 courses.